Wyam.Common.Configuration Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
ConfigExtensions Extensions for dealing with config delegates.
ConfigHelper<T> This class satisfies a common use case for modules where you need to get some configuration value either directly, from a delegate at the module level, or from a delegate at a per-document level and the user should be able to specify any of these possibilities (typically via module constructor overloads).
Recipe A utility class that can be used as the base for recipes. It is not necessary to derive from this class to create a recipe, implementing Wyam.Common.Configuration.IRecipe is sufficient. However, this class does provide some helpful functionality such as using reflection to automatically iterate and add all Wyam.Common.Execution.Pipeline static properties.

Delegate Types

Delegate Summary
ContextConfig A delegate that uses the execution context.
DocumentConfig A delegate that uses a document and the execution context.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
INamespacesCollection A collection of namespace strings used to inform modules of which namespaces should be available during dynamic code generation and/or execution.
IRawAssemblyCollection A collection of raw assembly bytes for dynamically compiled assemblies such as the configuration script.
IReadOnlySettings Settings that can be globally set.
IRecipe A recipe configures a Wyam.Common.Execution.IEngine in a predefined way using code. Recipes should have an empty default constructor and shouldn't maintain any state.
ISettings Stores global settings that control behavior and execution.