Wyam.Common.Documents Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
CollectionExtensions Extensions for working with specific types of collections.
FileContentStreamFactory Provides content streams that are backed by a file in the file system. This trades performance (disk I/O is considerably slower than memory) for a reduced memory footprint.
GroupByExtensions Extensions grouping document sequences.
MemoryContentStreamFactory Provides content streams that are stored in memory without pooling. This trades better performance for increased memory usage.
ToLookupExtensions Extensions for creating lookups from document sequences.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IContentStreamFactory Provides streams to use for document content.
IDocument Contains content and metadata for each item as it propagates through the pipeline.
IDocumentCollection Contains a collection of documents output by each pipeline. The documents are populated for each pipeline as it is executed and will contain the most recent set of document outputs for the most recently executed module, even if the pipeline is not complete.
IDocumentFactory Responsible for creating new document instances.