While Wyam is certainly still usable, it's been rebranded and rebooted as Statiq with a ton of improvements. You almost certainly want to look there unless you're already a Wyam user.

IContentStreamFactory Interface


Provides streams to use for document content.
graph BT Type["IContentStreamFactory"] class Type type-node Implementing0["FileContentStreamFactory"]-.->Type click Implementing0 "/api/Wyam.Common.Documents/FileContentStreamFactory" Implementing1["MemoryContentStreamFactory"]-.->Type click Implementing1 "/api/Wyam.Common.Documents/MemoryContentStreamFactory"


public interface IContentStreamFactory


Name Value Summary
GetStream(IExecutionContext, string) Stream
Gets a System.IO.Stream that can be used for document content. If content is not null, the stream is initialized with the specified content. The position should be set to the beginning of the stream when returned.