Wyam.Common.Execution Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
DateTimeCultureExtensions Extensions for working with input and output date cultures.
LinkExtensions Extensions to generate web links using global settings.
Pipeline A utility class for specifying pipelines. Note that this is not required for pipeline creation and is typically only used when a pipeline needs to be specified outside the context of a configuration file (such as a recipe, though it's not even required for those). Instances of this class are typically assigned to read-only properties in a Wyam.Common.Configuration.Recipe class and by convention the class name should match the property name (an exception will be thrown during recipe application if not). This class also implements string conversions and operators that return the pipeline name (so it can be used as a key for the pipeline it defines). Note that once this pipeline is added to an Wyam.Common.Execution.IPipelineCollection, the actual instance probably won't be what's stored by the collection and should not be used for comparisons.
PipelineCollectionExtensions Extensions for working with pipeline collections.
PipelineExtensions Extension methods for Wyam.Common.Execution.IPipeline.
TraceExceptionsExtensions Extensions to send exception messages to trace output with relevant context such as currently executing module and document.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IEngine The engine is the primary entry point for the generation process.
IExecutionContext All of the information that represents a given build. Also implements Wyam.Common.Meta.IMetadata to expose the global metadata.
IPipeline Represents a named collection of modules that should be executed by the engine.
IPipelineCollection A collection of pipelines.
IReadOnlyPipeline A read-only pipeline.