Wyam.Common.Meta Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
CachedDelegateMetadataValue This class uses a delegate to get a metadata value. The result of the delegate will be cached and the cached value will be returned for subsequent calls to Wyam.Common.Meta.CachedDelegateMetadataValue.Get(Wyam.Common.Meta.IMetadata).
ConvertingDictionary A dictionary with metadata type conversion superpowers.
DelegateMetadataValue This class uses a delegate to get a metadata value.
Keys Common metadata keys for modules in the core library.
MetadataConversionExtensions Extensions to make it easier to get typed information from metadata.
MetadataItems A collection of metadata items.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IMetadata Contains a set of metadata with flexible runtime conversion methods. Metadata keys are case-insensitive.
IMetadata<T> Contains a set of metadata converted to type T. The conversion is designed to be flexible and several different methods of type conversion are tried. Only those values that can be converted to type T are actually included in the dictionary.
IMetadataDictionary A mutable Wyam.Common.Meta.IMetadata implementation that works like a dictionary.
IMetadataValue Implement this interface to provide lazy metadata values or values based on other metadata.

Struct Types

Struct Summary
MetadataItem Provides slightly nicer syntax than KeyValuePair<string, object> for working with metadata. Also contains a constructor that makes adding delegate-based metadata easier.