Wyam.Core.Modules.Metadata Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
CopyMeta Copies the specified meta key to a new meta key, with an optional format argument.
DirectoryMeta Applies metadata from specified input documents to all input documents based on a directory hierarchy.
FileName Optimizes a specified metadata key as a filename.
Flatten Flattens a tree structure given child documents are stored in a given metadata key ("Children" by default). The flattened documents are returned in no particular order.
Index Adds a one-based index to every document as metadata.
Meta Adds the specified metadata to each input document.
Objects Creates documents from a set of objects. Any input documents will be ignored. The objects can be anything, and the collection can be heterogenous. Dictionary<string, object> will be handled natively and each key-value pair will be added to the output document metdata. Anything else will be reflected and turned into a Dictionary<string, object> with metadata for each property.
Sql Creates documents from the results of a SQL query. Each row is output as a new document and every column is used as the metadata (or content) of the new document. Input documents are ignored.
Title Sets a title metadata key for documents based on their file path or source.
Tree Adds metadata to the input documents that describes the position of each one in a tree structure.
ValidateMeta<T> Tests metadata for existence, typing, and supplied assertions.
Xml Creates new documents from elements within XML. This module will either ignore input documents and use specificed XML content or use the content from input documents depending on how it's configured. An XPath expression can be used to find target XML elements, and the InnerXml of each child element of the target elements as well as the values of each attribute will be placed into the metadata of the generated documents.