While Wyam is certainly still usable, it's been rebranded and rebooted as Statiq with a ton of improvements. You almost certainly want to look there unless you're already a Wyam user.


The primary concepts in Wyam are documents, metadata, modules, pipelines, recipes, and themes. While not strictly neccesary if you're just planning on using a recipe, understanding these concepts will go a long way towards making sense of how your generation works and how best to customize it to your needs.

Documents A document is a combination of content and metadata and is what conveys information through the framework.
Metadata Metadata is the primary means of passing information between modules and pipelines.
Modules A module is a small single-purpose component that acts on documents.
Shortcodes Shortcodes are small but powerful macros that can generate content in your documents.
Pipelines A pipeline is a series of modules executed in sequence.
Recipes A recipe is a pre-configured series of modules and pipelines.
Themes Each theme contains a set of content such as CSS files, layouts, etc. that apply to a specific recipe.
I/O Explains Wyam's powerful I/O abstraction.