While Wyam is certainly still usable, it's been rebranded and rebooted as Statiq with a ton of improvements. You almost certainly want to look there unless you're already a Wyam user.


Flattens a tree structure given child documents are stored in a given metadata key ("Children" by default). The flattened documents are returned in no particular order.


  • Flatten()

    Creates a new flatten module.

  • Flatten(string childrenKey)

    Creates a new flatten module with the specified children key.

    • childrenKey

      The metadata key that contains the children.

Input Metadata

The metadata values listed below apply to individual documents and are typically set from front matter (with just the name of the key) and used as inputs to the module to control behavior.

  • Keys.Children: System.Collections.Generic.IReadOnlyCollection`1

    All the children of this node.