While Wyam is certainly still usable, it's been rebranded and rebooted as Statiq with a ton of improvements. You almost certainly want to look there unless you're already a Wyam user.


Renders a link from the given path, using default settings or specifying overrides as appropriate.


<?# Link "/foo/bar" /?>


The following parameters can be used without names in the order below or with names (provided they are named) in any order. When using named parameters, the syntax should be `Name=Value` or `Name="Value"`.

  • Path

    The path to get a link for.

  • IncludeHost

    If set to true the host configured in the output settings will be included in the link, otherwise the host will be omitted and only the root path will be included (default).

  • Host

    The host to use for the link.

  • Root

    The root of the link. The value of this parameter is prepended to the path.

  • Scheme

    The scheme to use for the link (will override the UseHttps parameter).

  • UseHttps

    If set to true, HTTPS will be used as the scheme for the link.

  • HideIndexPages

    If set to true, "index.htm" and "index.html" file names will be hidden.

  • HideExtensions

    If set to true, extensions will be hidden.

  • Lowercase

    If set to true, links will be rendered in all lowercase.